Solutions for Wanting to Die


Eventually I will end up without enough candles

to keep lighting a séance for the person I used to be

to come back home.

All the melting wax dripping from my bedroom walls

could fill a birthday cake three times over.

In my dreams, my mother shells lobsters and hangs…

"Did you get what you
came for? Or was my love
still not enough to feed
your hunger? I’ve given you
so many parts of myself
and still you are begging
for more. How much of me
do you want before you
can say you’re full?
I’m wondering if you really
need all of these pieces
to stay alive or if you are
just taking what you can
get before it’s gone.
Am I just a buffet to you?
Or am I something
that you really crave?
You’re always coming back
for more when what you
already have on your plate
is the perfect portion to satisfy
the emptiness inside of you."
- "Gluttony," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

(via mostlyfiction)

"Did you lie awake like I did? I stayed up ‘til the stars didn’t recognize me"
- Reconsider -  The XX (via habitualhealing)